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  • Fri, 13:23: RT @BrianDominick: .@Deanofcomedy exposes the worst & best of America: a widespread culture of hatred vs First Amendment
  • Fri, 14:50: RT @BastardKeith: I might take porn/sex work abolitionists a little more seriously if they didn't paint women as a dumb, helpless set of ho…
  • Fri, 15:34: Upset that Obama isn't killing them border crossing brown skins? Smash your hand in a car door, it'll help me hate you less. :)
  • Fri, 20:53: Randomly playing Prince is always acceptable, iPod. *pats it on the head*
  • Sat, 03:23: RT @McClure_SF: Just realized that if I had to sum up my musical taste with a single band, it would be Crucial Taunt.
  • Sat, 09:12: Overheard a pair of old Greek men this am talking about needing to ship all those bordercrossers back to Mexico. I want to see their papers.
  • Sat, 09:37: RT @robinmarty: @Katie_Speak @alisonturkos abortion opponents claim “complications increase” when they’re outside. If true, they knowingly …
  • Sat, 11:02: I can't remember the last time I had a donut. I don't want to eat one, I just want to taste it.
  • Sat, 11:04: RT @bencnn: #Gaza: 21-year old Ahmed has cerebral palsy, now suffers from 3rd degree burns on %11 his body after Israeli strike. http://t.c…
  • Sat, 11:06: RT @MaraWritesStuff: "To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the laser pointer's red dot on the floor" - Socates
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