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::laughs maniacally:: so i got a comment post from Secludedgrrrl today. she was querying as to why i had her in my friends listing.

::maniacally laughs again:: i guess she didn't bother reading through much more than the top entry in my journal. if she had, she'd realize her placement on my list of journals to watch. I guess to the simpler people, you don't add people to your "Friends" list unless you consider them a friend of some sort. It doesn't occur that you might add someone merely to watch their journal of bigotry and hatred, to keep an up to the date watch on how they are being close-minded idiots and putting out, almost daily, posts that are offensive to most people who are of a logical, intelligent mind.

::sighs:: and yet, maybe down deep i think there maybe some hope of saving individuals like Secludedgrrrl (what an appropriate name) from themselves and the beliefs they choose to express. If it were possible, i'd take up the mantle to try to be the one to spread free-minded thinking to the christian poser youth of america, the children and young adults who have been corrupted by the hatred of their religious beliefs, taught to them by bigot parents, and the bigot communities that should be plowed under rather than continuing to exist, breeding more hatred into a world that is hard enough to live in as it is.

::steps down from his soap box::

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