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  • Mon, 12:21: RT @Tormny_Pickeals: looks like jayz now has 100 problems. and solange is one. did anyone say this yet
  • Mon, 14:07: Click here to unfollow.
  • Mon, 22:40: Watching Cosmos under my fleece blanket. Living the life, obvs.
  • Tue, 08:43: Why must my superpower be the ability to be an idiot? Can't I get mind powers or a tail?
  • Tue, 09:14: RT @KatraHigher: Guess what? If you read news in the rest of the world, The Tea Party are "the fascist party of the United States". They ar…
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    Fri, 13:19: RT @ joshgondelman: This is (in my opinion) one of the most fun things @ SHODesusAndMero has ever done. Please enjoy (among other…

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    Thu, 15:18: RT @ OhNoSheTwitnt: “I hate looking at homeless people” they whined, as they boarded their respective diamond-encrusted private…

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    Wed, 13:02: RT @ hellolanemoore: I just want you to know that because of how supportive you've all been so far, i've started emailing…

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