Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Jesus, Son of himself and the guy who boned his mom and was born to himself

Conjecture 1: Jesus was the earthly vessel of God.

Based on this conjecture, believed by many protestant religions, we can say that God = Jesus and Jesus = God, to a certain extent.

Conjecture 2: Mary gave birth to the son of God.

This is considered a fact by anyone who believes in the bible as a literal text.

Conujecture 3: Jesus was the son of God, born to Mary.

Also considered fact by anyone who believes in the Bible.

Combine these conjectures. Jesus, or God, was born to Mary. Jesus, or God, was the son of God, or Jesus. So Jesus/God is his own son? Mary gave birth to the same being she concieved it with? Not only do you see reflections of every sex story involving Zeus here, but it also reminds me of some stranger versions of the Oedipal text that I've read about, purportedly corrupted from the original tales by local folklores in various regions. Immaculate conception is nothing more than a nice way of saying God soiled his loins with a human. just thoughts to ponder....

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