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someone please tell me what an idiot i would be if i did what i'm thinking about. on my way home from the library tonight, i wondered if computers are really what i want to do with my life. probably should have considered that before i started school at a tech college, huh? i'm wondering if i wouldn't rather be an english professor of some sort, teaching college kids how to analyze works of literature and poetry, film and music. I could teach a course on science fiction literature, on analysis of poetry, on philosophies of mankind. or maybe on aspects of sociology. ::bangs head on desk:: there is so much i feel like i'd be better at or more suited to be doing. unfortunately, our society doesn't rever philosophers and poets anymore. if we don't understand it the first time around, we just leave it for dead. where have all the merry makers gone? where art thou naysayers of life, the miserable and the wretched? where have you gone to keruoac, whitman, c.s. lewis, or any of the other men and women whose words were their means of existence. what i wouldn't give to have lived during a time when one could make a living purely off of their ramblings. now we want our ramblers to help solve our lives and fix our marriages or to entertain us between commercials or while taking a crap. ::sighs:: i hate our current society.

::he says as he considers plugging into the boob tube and flipping through his satelite of a myriad of worthless things on tv...::


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