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ARG! whilst half of LJ is getting fed up with server downtime, i'm getting fed up with whining users. site growth is not the fault of Brad or any of the other volunteers. and yet people are making angry, bitter support requests bitching about how they want the service working for them right now. guess what folks, just because the internet is up 24/7 doesn't mean that parts of it won't have a problem every now and then. if your cable is acting up for a few minutes, do you make a violent phone call to the cable company? no, you tend to wait and see if it is fixed and when it isn't, you call them and let them know. do you call the city when rush hour traffic is at a standstill and your stuck their for an hour? no, you live with it. i can understand paid users being a bit peeved and i can understand that those who paid specifically so they could use the paid servers might be peeved. i also think they are idiots because they should have done a little more homework on what they were buying. yes the paid servers are faster, but they still share some processes as the free servers. meaning if the free servers cause a problem where these processes are done, it doesn't matter that you have access to the paid servers because you still can't perform those processes. boohoo. you go read a book or watch tv or interact with the real world. Livejournal is just a fucking website. it's not like your water has been cut-off, your electricity clipped, and your testicles gnawed off by a dog. there's no need to through a hissy fit. you think you're upset? think how brad must feel having 1000's of users breathing down his neck while he tries to fix his pride and joy? this site is probably the biggest part of his life. it shouldn't be like that, but it is. he doesn't have time to train anyone else to be able to do what he does because he spends so much time working on giving more and more features to the users, both free and paid. get off his back, out of his hair, and remove your dog from his testicles. he's doing his best and if that isn't good enough for you, you can bring it up with me and about a dozen other people.

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