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  • Tue, 17:40: RT @krisstraub: please update your contact info, i have a sexting name that i do not use anymore, "h.j. mansplode"
  • Tue, 17:42: RT @RichardKimNYC: I don't give a shit about the sexting. This idiot actually thinks West Bank is not occupied, no military there. http://t…
  • Tue, 17:48: Come see @ShrinkShow tonight or else chance that Charlie Thrillpants will sext you all night.
  • Tue, 18:49: DJ Mr Curmudgeon may be over doing it with devices tonight...
  • Wed, 09:36: Don't you hate it when you get a new phone and send a pic of your junk to strangers on Twitter by accident?
  • Wed, 09:58: It's Jennifer Lopez's birthday. Dictators are lined up around the block to sing her a sexy birthday song.
  • Wed, 10:41: Mayor Bloomberg is just trying to protect us from law abiding brown people and the poor. Sheesh.
  • Wed, 11:16: Madam, I've had this beard since I was 14. It's only ironic facial hair in Canada where Alanis declared merely existing to be ironic.
  • Wed, 11:23: RT @SaraJBenincasa: Pretty sure I'm the weird relative at Thanksgiving, but instead of racist conservative crap I spout insane liberal garb…
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    Wed, 12:07: RT @ MusicalHell: This seems like a good time to reiterate the "guilty people shouldn't be shot either" thing. Wed, 12:12: RT…

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    Tue, 14:30: RT @ KatieGoldin: Never forget that during the pandemic, people were like, “Essential workers are heroes 🥰” and when the heroes…

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    Tue, 03:33: RT @ BettyBowers: If the favorite thing you own is something only used to kill people, you aren’t really pro-life.…

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