Sean (darksoul) wrote,

you know what i don't understand?

background: the support board is where all sorts of people ask all sorts of things about how to use LJ. we've all used it on occasion and some of us are volunteers working on it. if you've watched it recently, you'll have noticed that there is an ever increasing number of AOL members asking questions on the support board. a large number of those AOL members have accounts that are less than a month old. no big deal of course, we all started somewhere. but the strange thing is that almost half of these are Paid Accounts.

so what am i confused about? why do all of these people buy Paid Accounts? i understand the benefits of having a Paid Account and i have no problem with people buying them (i have one and advocate that everyone buys one), but why would you buy one when you've only been on the site for 2 days? I just got done looking at a request from someone who had done just that. and judging by their entry, they didn't buy it as a means of contributing to the LiveJournal community, they didn't buy it as a way to say thanks to Brad, they didn't buy it as a way to help out an Open-Source project. it seems like they just bought it because they could, as if they thought they had to buy it to use it. just seems kinda silly to me. along those same lines, i've seen similar people asking how to delete their accounts recently that have been paid accounts, for whatever reason. one girl had her journal for about a month, had paid for it for a year (she'd mentioned it in her journal) and decided that she was bored with it and was going to delete it. why do people waste their moeny thusly? it all seems quite silly to me. maybe it's the penny-pinching college boy in me coming out...

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