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  • Tue, 17:39: Wait, Stringer Bell pilots a giant robot to fight Cloverfield? Well now I totally don't care about Pacific Rim even more.
  • Wed, 08:41: A herd of fannypackers kept a chunk of people pinned in my train car this morning while they grazed on egg mcmuffins. It's summer!
  • Wed, 08:50: If men could get abortions, @robdelaney posits that we'd be getting awesome abortion centers.
  • Wed, 11:12: When a Japanese businessman offers you $300 for the dirty boxers you're wearing, it's bad etiquette to decline.
  • Wed, 11:13: RT @Disalmanac: UPDATE: If 50 Cent were a woman, he'd only be 37 Cent.
  • Wed, 11:24: I can only pray this many people will leave NYC this weekend.
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