Sean (darksoul) wrote,

so Bush has given the ok to restricted stem cell research funding. that's not bad. i'm kind of annoyed that he's not allowing research to be conducted on embryos that would normally be thrown in the garbage by in vitro clinics, but i guess something is better than nothing. unfortunately there is a down side, at least in my opinion. given the text he used, his words could be interpreted to mean that the president regards embryos as human life. i don't want to debate whether it is or not, though i believe he is incorrect in believing thusly, but i do want to point out the possible ramifications. by doing so, the president may have just opened the door for fellow crackpots to further their campaigns against a woman's right to choose. by showing his recognition for the idea that an embryo is feasibly a future human, he has stamped the president's ok on any actions in benefit of those embryos. *shakes his head* government should be providing for the basic needs of a country. it should not be making the most contorversial ethical judgements for us. the people as a whole should be left to make such decisions, not a man who is in office due to a fluke in the electoral system....

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