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Bigotry and the American Religious Youth...

And so i've decided to begin posting my "Loser Of The Moment". What brought this up? I've run across a large number of things that just irk me as foolish and dumb. Today's foolish and dumb thing?


First, let me begin by saying that i don't care how a person believes. I think everyone has a right to their beliefs, as long as (a must) your beliefs are logical, you can defend them, and you actually understand them. I personally have my own formal belief system which, while i couldn't expound on them at length because i'm sure i'd leave something out, and then you'd be left with a misconception. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want as long as they practice the basic things in life: respect everyone unless they give a reasonable reason to show them disrespect. anyway, onwards...

This young lady, while sounding quite average in her normal posts, is the epitomy of the corrupted religious views of our American youth...She sounds almost sweet and innocent, naive and safe. But if one does a little more looking, you start to see the bigotry of our American religious youth standing up tall. Young Secludedgrrrl (what an appropriate name) hosts a community called "calvary", a christian community. No problem with that, there are communities for all sorts of things on Livejournal. I for one have no problem with people gathering together to voice their view of the world. What bothers me about her community lies within the comments on her first post. In this post, a gentleman asks if he can join her community. she turned him down. why? was it because he was a satanist or a hate-group follower or because he was all for the death of christians? no at all. she merely disregarded him because he listed a few so-called "alternative religions" as interests (even though Zen is more of an ideology than a relgion, as is Buddhism, two of the several he listed...). She immeadiately denounced his request because of his interest in other religions, as if it marked him as a fetus-devouring murdering rapist. Perhaps not to such an extreme, but close enough.

This young lady seems to be exactly what i exclaim to be "the poser christian". Just like we have "poser" goths and "poser" gangstas, we have now grown to such a saddening point in American society that we have "poser" christians. They don't understand their religion. They don't understand it's history. They merely follow blindly because that's what's expected of them. The sheep that, from birth, believe that they should worship all words from the bible as law. These same sheep forget the true teachings of the bible, of jesus, of their religion, and proceed to direct it merely towards those who believe as they do. This particular reasoning caused the Crusades. Remember those? Death and gore galore merely in the name of holy right to a piece of land. the same reason the isrealis and the palestinians fight over it today.

But it's forgotten that the bible was written by man, that man is greedy and manipulative and will lie to get his way. that the bible we have now is the product of dozens and dozens of translations. that the bible isn't meant to be the absolute truth. the bible was meant to be a) a gathering of the stories and teachings of jesus and his followers, b) a guide from which people are supposed to treat each other. The bible is open to interpretation, just like everything is. the bible you read today is someone else's interpretation of another translation. but all of that's forgotten.

it's also forgotten that christianity, in any of it's forms, is not nearly as old as islam, as judaism, as any of the asiatic religions, as even most pagan religions. Wicca has been practiced for thousands of years. had the ancient celts rose up and conquered the holy roman empire, we'd view being christian as being wrong and evil. but the celts were a peaceful people. and so they were conquered by the blood thirsty romans. and so the holy roman empire (an empire ruled by christians at this point) carved their place in the western world. and so the wiccans and other pagan groups who had been centered in the far west of europe were lost or served up as outcasts.

but we don't ever remember the bad things. we don't point out that the KKK based it's beliefs off of the Bible. we don't point out that more violence is caused due to people's fanatical christain views rather than people's fanatical pagan, buddhist, jewish, etc., views. many churches are too busy putting in $100,000 lighting systems and million dollar renovations to their churches rather than going out and doing good deeds for those who really need it. why give money to the poor when we could buy a new sound system for our preacher to "give us the word of God..." ::shakes his head as he steps down from his soap box:: I could continue, but i've got work to do. :)

Hence my "Loser Of The Moment"

~Raven Drache

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