Sean (darksoul) wrote,

you know what i find laughable and amusing? the idiocy of the common american. we are so easily manipulated by american media. they tell us what they want us to think is news. worse still is that most respectable media sources are succumbing to this new way to share the news. i didn't hear about the recent treaty between China and Russia until almost a week after it happened because it wasn't considered newsworthy as compared to the disappearance of Chandra Levy or the long standing hatred between the Jews and the Palestinians. when it was finally being acknowledged, it got about 25 to 45 seconds of airtime at best, and at worst, was a side note within stories about Bush visiting Russia. but the worst case in point recently, the Code Red virus. every time i turn on the news or am listening to the news on NPR, they mention the Code Red virus and it's deadly nature in terms of computers. they drone on and on about how deadly it will be to the internet and computer systems at large, about how it is going to cause the nation much annoyance. and yet they seem to neglect to mention that most real networks don't use Microsoft NT, the only OS effected by the virus. most places running real internet servers and real network servers know better than to use Microsoft to do either job. they are running a linux or unix server of some sort. they have a firewall in place to catch such things trying to send themselves out from their servers. if they can't catch such a program in the act and get rid of it, then they deserve all they get from it. serves them right for running an NT server anyway. and yet the media circus is still making a big deal out of it. why? because they are a bunch of techno-idiots who don't understand what they are using or how to keep an eye on it. they worry the average layperson unnecessarily just for the ratings. when did the news stop being about informing the average person about what was going on in the world and become a fight for who has more heads focused on their talking heads?

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