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  • Sun, 22:22: RT @rstevens: Bustin' used to make me Feel Good but now it's just a reminder of my eventual demise.
  • Sun, 22:46: Oh praise Galifrey, I can finally watch The Doctor fight the Weeping Angels.
  • Sun, 23:17: As sad as I am to see the end of the Ponds, I'm glad their story ended before I hated them. I'm looking at you, Rose Tyler.
  • Sun, 23:55: RT @colinpdempsey: If I could piss petrol, i'd soil myself and set fire to my f*cking legs - Granny Dempsey after losing at bingo, lord ...
  • Mon, 10:51: This week's episode of @SharonSpellShow features the amazing @squirmandgerm!
  • Mon, 11:02: When I woke up this morning, I put on pants. Not to leave the house, just because it was chilly. I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!
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