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  • Sun, 13:30: RT @TheHERMANCAlN: #Gadhafi may be dead but as President I will continue to hunt down the Libyans responsible for the death of Doc Emmet ...
  • Sun, 19:05: So that Enrique Iglesia's song Tonight is all about how he's raping a girl tonight? And we're cool with this as a society? Y'all folk crazy.
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    Fri, 12:42: Nothing says "fun" like waiting 90+ minutes with a long line of grouchy New Jersey residents to get a shot in the arm. Eventually I…

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    Fri, 09:38: Getting that sweet sweet covid vaccine today! Never have I been so happy about getting stabbed.

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    Wed, 03:58: RT @ TinySnekComics: 🤔

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