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  • Sun, 13:44: "Homeless anything helps" apparently includes loosies. #ilovenyc
  • Sun, 14:05: My good deed for the day: telling a group of tourists to run away as they debated going into Jekyll & Hyde. #ilovenyc
  • Sun, 14:15: I need cake balls. Anyone have suggestions on where to find them in nyc other than my mouth? #ilovenyc
  • Sun, 15:13: A couple cute foreign girls hugged me after finding out I live in NYC. I feel mildly guilty accepting their love today. #ilovenyc
  • Sun, 16:21: I think Matthew McConaughey almost ran me down on a bike. Can't be positive because he had a shirt on.
  • Sun, 16:22: RT @JoeMande: Hard 2 believe ur still a senator after u got caught w/prostitutes wearing diapers. RT @davidvitter: Hard 2 believe 10 yrs ...
  • Sun, 17:26: Congrats Kansas City Chiefs, you've found a new low. Derrick Thomas would roll in his grave if it didn't remind him of rolling his truck.
  • Sun, 18:05: What a great New York day. People were happy, the temp was pleasant, just the right mix of sun and clouds. #ilovenyc
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