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  • Thu, 04:29: They sent a guy that drives like a grandma to pick me up this morning. Oh super shuttle.#kcbound
  • Thu, 05:42: Finally made it to my gate. I hate Newark airport. At least I have a seat though because apparently that's considered a privilege with Delta
  • Thu, 06:36: Quaker woman was glaring at my dinosaur tshirt, asked what she needed, informed me that dinos aren't real. Hope a raptor eats her family.
  • Thu, 06:49: Still glaring at me. Hope we sit together on the flight. I'm sure my ipod will be a hit! My punishment for being uber-tolerant of others.
  • Thu, 10:38: Sitting at gate in ATL, CNN is doing extended tornado coverage, trying to ruin my trip. #tornadododger #raptorswillgetme #kcbound
  • Thu, 11:18: Sure Charleys Sub, give me those super greasy fries that I didn't order. I'm not afraid of heart issues, determined that #raptorswillgetme
  • Thu, 15:38: KC: I AM IN YOU BEING APPALLED BY UR PEOPLE. Seriously, forgot what a backwater town this is. Also, trip hashtag is now #raptorswillgetme
  • Thu, 18:36: Gents: Don't enter the Konami code into a lady's panties, you will not go to a secret level, you do not get extra lives. Instant killscreen.
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