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  • Sun, 15:23: Wandering the Inwood, listening to Sam Sparro and enjoying the weather.
  • Sun, 21:54: Saw breaking news that someone was dead but when they said it was Bin Laden and not Charlie Sheen, I went back to watching reruns of House.
  • Sun, 22:23: RT @HeyItsLiam: FOX NEWS' TAKE: "African American Male in Washington Confesses to Murder of Elderly Man."
  • Sun, 22:41: I'm glad he's pointing out that this isn't a victory against Muslims, but against terrorism.
  • Sun, 22:42: It'll be interesting how the GOP tries to spin this.
  • Sun, 22:50: RT @lizzwinstead: OBAMA: "I made killing or capturing Bin Laden our top priority" GOP: " NO Gay Marriage "
  • Sun, 23:07: RT @dpakman: Obama speech paraphrased: "Hey guys, sorry it took so long to get you my birth certificate, I was busy killing Osama Bin Laden"
  • Sun, 23:20: Obama ousts @BenariLee as most badass funny person by giving the order to have Bin Laden killed and then doing a standup routine. Sorry yo.
  • Sun, 23:39: So who will be the new Emmanuel Goldstein?
  • Sun, 23:43: @BDolanSFR The GOP really has their work cut out for them in the coming days.
  • Mon, 01:40: I understand the sentiment, but do we need to be in the streets celebrating the assassination of a guy hiding in a mansion?
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