Sean (darksoul) wrote,

maybe it's just me, but i hope we don't win a Webby Award at this point, judging by how today seems to be going as far as the LJ Elite/powers that be have been doing. First the casting off of the override ability (i can agree with it, but i also disagree with the timing), then an apparent battle over censorship because some girl decided to broadcast her suicide attempt to the world via her webcam and her friends were offended that someone made a satire of it on their journal. (the suicide attempt failed and the girl is alive incidentally, was merely a cry for attention from an adoring internet audience....pathetic in my opinion, but that's debatable...) of course the bumbling idiot that is Abuse jumped in and tried to do something aobut it, but they did so in the most assinine of manners. "uh...duh...i think what you said was bad, so you can't say nothin, so piss off!" maybe not a direct quote, but it about sums it up. blatant stupidity at it's best. in the end, it looks like a bad call on the part of Abuse, one that would normally demand an apology and an admittance of their mistake. too much to expect, i'm sure, but it's only what's due. c'est la vie i guess...

for any who wish to become or who think they are members of the upper echelon of the social structures of LJ, i beg of you not to stoop to such pathetic levels. some day i'd like to be an esteemed and recognized member of LJ myself, but i'd like to believe that i'd also retain some amount of sensibility. i mean really, what good is being recognized on a damn website? you walk out on to the streets and you're nobody once again. Brad is recognized throughout Seattle because every teenager in Seattle has probably heard of LJ. my bet is that he wasn't recognized by anyone while he was on vacation except for when he was visiting Whitaker. just because your a member of the upper class on LJ doesn't make you someone special. it just means your message has the capability of being picked up by more people than the average user. too bad most people at that level value their position too much to hold an opinion that really matters or knows how to utilize their position for good.

Welcome to LJ, it's just like the real world only there are only about 230,000 people here. Humans here are just like real humans except without the need to be held responsible by someone in real life. Their words are either for them alone or for the world at large. Their actions, more often than not, are for show and nothing more. Their words are, more often than not, empty and meaningless because they don't write for themselves or for some meaningful reason, they just write to entertain. Welcome to LJ, it's just like Real Life, only smaller and in text format.

~Raven more masked face amongst the legion

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