Sean (darksoul) wrote,

more news at 11...

*sighs* my apologies to any of you with free accounts that have been putting off editting your journal with the override section until you thought you had time to do it. it's being stripped from everyone now. paid users can edit their styles still, and you can still override a few options, but for the most part they are now gone. just one of a couple things that some of the powers that be are fucking up on today...when i have a chance, i'll post about my opinions of the stacy suicide attempt debacle that appears to be unfolding.

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    Tue, 04:38: RT @ danozzi: just to be clear: gender reveal parties have a higher body count and have done more property damage than antifa ever…

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    Sun, 03:41: RT @ MeanestBossEver: We need a new term for a group of crows.

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