Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Daily Tweet Dump

Random things that you probably won't care about:

  • 02:43 One movie down, nine more to go. Avatar is still weak sauce.
  • 04:53 2nd movie down, A Simple Man was great. Up is next.
  • 06:31 3rd movie down. District 9 is next.
  • 07:02 Opting to see every movie instead of heading home for a few hours during the flicks I've seen.
  • 09:12 One more down. Dozed periodically for District 9, prolly will for Basterds next.
  • 14:40 Blind Side knocked out, on to An Education, movie 7.
  • 16:07 Peter Saarsgard, you douche! 3 more movies to go!
Dumped here courtesy of LoudTwitter. Content provided by some schmuck.

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