Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Would you like some news?

So it turns out that we've had a pretty good idea that Saddam was lying about having WMDs since 2004. Of course it'd be irresponsible of our leaders to acknowledge that at the time, or to lend any credence to the ravings of a mad man. Better to just hand him over so he could be killed by zealots in his homeland. The fact that I find information gathered through the interrogation of Saddam Hussein more credible than information given by Dick Cheney on Meet The Press is either a telling statement about me or the quality of our former leadership. You have your own opinions, I'm sure.

Stealing an amputee's wheelchair is neither classy, nor funny, not even if you did it so you could see him go around in circles in a regular wheelchair. For shame.

We inch ever closer to a new album from Steve Burns and this makes me happy.

I didn't want to comment on his passing directly, but I find it interesting that Michael Jackson nearly took the internet with him when he died yesterday. Personally, I didn't find out until I got a text message about 45 seconds before my date showed up last night.

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