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yes, i added a last name to my livejournal today. no, you weren't unobservant before. i was writing up a character today during class and i decided that i would make the character myself, modeled after who I am here. I'd like to play him as a Salubri, but I don't think I'll find a single game that will let me play him as such. Perhaps another Assamite, or even a Ventrue. Yes, I think Raven would be either Ventrue or Malkavian. Maybe a Malkavian whose major malfunction is his need to be prophetic and pithy. It sounds so Toreador, but Toreador are such a flimsy clan. ::realizes he sounds like he's in character already:: Ventrue it is. :)

::hits his head on his desk:: I wonder if I should get some work done? nah...
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