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Ever notice that " might be a redneck" jokes are just ripoffs of "In Soviet Russia..." jokes?

Resolutions for the new year:
1) Write more. I've had stories and poetry pieces floating in the head for months that I haven't been able to put to paper. It's time to just spit it out. So what if people decide to draw conclusions about my state of being based on what I have to write. Blah.

2) Get over myself. And by that, I mean to stop trying to protect myself from being hurt by the world by not bothering to put myself out there. OH NOES! Strangers might think poorly of me. So what. I think I'm pretty awesome and so do plenty of other people. I don't need the approval of strangers.

3) More time being creative. This sort of ties in with the other two, really, in that I feel being more creative should lend itself to writing as well as interacting with other human beings. I've got a lot of music interests that I'd like to invest time in as well as writing that I just don't tend to make quality time for.

4) Learn to give up. I don't accept failure well. I don't like to lose either. That isn't to say that I'm a poor loser, but that I let failure/losing have a greater effect on me than I should. This is especially the case when I give a crap about a situation. While I put on this facade with people that I'm totally pessimistic and always expect things to go poorly, the truth of the matter is that I often get my hopes up more than I should.

In other news, the trip has been great. Kat is a wonderful hostess and is far too gracious. We've eaten some good food, been to a couple comedy shows (UCBT was not so great, the wonderful Sharon "Mama" Spell and her weekly show Shrink was fantastic!), walked about the city excessively the first couple days, spent NYE seeing the aforementioned show hosted by Mama followed by being trapped in an elevator on the way to a NYE party, and we made fabulous tacos tonight followed by desert in midtown (though I'm sure Kat will correct me as to the actual location). My trip so far, in short run on sentence form.  Overall, I'm pretty relaxed and chill about life.  My brain keeps forcing me to mull over stupid things and I'm trying to get that nonsense sorted, but that's a never ending "problem" with me.

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