Sean (darksoul) wrote,

it has yet to be mentioned what will be done if LJ wins the Webby award. first and foremost, who is to say that the Webbies will actually give the award to LJ if they do in fact win? Just because they got more write-in votes than Blogger doesn't imply that the Webbies are going to give them anything. I can't seem to find any text saying that they'll allow a write-in to win. If LJ does win, how dumb will we look by not having anyone at the award show to accept the award for us? is insomnia going to go to the show and pick up the award for LJ and ship it off to Brad? and with LJ being the product of so many different developers at this point, should Brad really be the only person who gets to have the award? should some sort of time share be arranged for the award? maybe we should just leave the award at Speakeasy sitting atop the servers, where it would truly belong. it seems like no one has thought of these things yet...

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