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Just like in the 1984 smash hit film "Ghostbusters"...

- There are days when I find myself incredibly disappointed in the people of my nation. $10 says that less than half of the people in my office know who Jefferson Davis and Franz Ferdinand were. Apparently there was a conversation about the Civil War going on for no apparent reason (though I would guess it had something to do with those uppity black folks) and someone mentioned that it was in like 1917, so who cares anymore. WHAT?! And yet this is probably the case with a good portion of our citizenship. It saddens and angers me. Apparently John Stossel did a piece for 20/20 suggesting that young Americans are tragically inept when it comes to knowing info about America, alleging that this was grounds for not allowing them to vote. I would suggest that this is the case across the board.

- Every now and then, I like to fasten my headphones to my skull, turn the volume up unreasonably and listen to Megadeth's "Countdown To Extinction" album. The same goes for a handful of Metallica albums. I am not ashamed. Admitting you enjoy Phil Collins is acceptable, so the same should be said for metal bands of years long past. By that same token, I'm also willing to admit that I have a significant amount of the lyrics of the Pink Floyd discography memorized. I had to stop myself from appearing to be jamming out when "Pigs On The Wing" and "Dogs" started playing between sets at the show I went to at Korruption on Saturday night, even though there were aged hipsters there that were clearly rocking out to both tracks.

- Seeing a check copy here at work with a knock-off of The Last Supper on it below a copy of a check with a giant image of Goofy on it pleases me. Holy figures should come together like this more often in the daily lives of the people.

- At what age does one stop developing brief and ridiculous crushes? Alternately, why is it that the people who confess to being interested in me are rarely people whom I am interested in being friends with, much less engaged in relationship activities with? While part of the problem is that my standards may be set a little higher than they ought to be, I can't believe that it's entirely the issue. BTW, both questions posed here are rhetorical. There's no need to try and ply me with compliments or hokey statements about the right woman coming along some day. We're all adults here, we all understand the score when it comes to Relationships 101. No need to try to reassure me about my worth as a human being, I understand that I am effing Awesome.

- Would it be inappropriate to make one of my two personal goals for my upcoming review be that I will finally acquire some sound board software and some turntables and begin teaching myself to scratch? The idea of my boss hounding me on a quarterly basis to get my ass in gear with this entertains me greatly.

- I wonder if I'll be able to convince Kathleen to see this little French biopic while I'm in NYC called JCVD, assuming that there will be a theater still showing it while I'm there. Amongst the things I am not ashamed to admit today is the fact that I really want to see this film, if for no other reason than that they mock Steven Seagal at one point.

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    Sun, 04:05: RT @ NoLieWithBTC: Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,305 PPP check and she receives a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary.

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