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It could be better, but it's cool.

As life goes on, I've learned that silly cliches don't seem to pan out like they're supposed to. Absence tends to help you forget what you missed so badly but often reinforces what troubled you most. Don't rely on time to heal your wounds because you can't heal without putting forth the effort yourself. Music can just as often incite a riot as it can soothe the savage beast. You can still be anything you want to be when you grow up, but you're more likely to be a YouTube star than you are to save the world or become President. Don't let Palin fool you.

Work is work. Bike went fairly well and things have been mostly quiet around here for a couple weeks now, with most of my time being spent on clean-up and catch-up. I need to find something new to do with my life and have been perusing the want ads and elsewhere for new opportunities. A follow-up trip to NYC has been planned for the New Year holiday week. Plane tickets still need to be locked down, but that's merely a formality at this point. It is one of the few things I'm excited about right now. Nine Inch Nails in a month is another. Been on a few random dates in the last couple months. None of them have really panned out, though one of them led to some minor hilarity (how could someone accuse me of making out with a girl in a bar in Liberty for craps sake?!). There are a couple of writing projects I'm working on at the moment. The picture-a-day goal kinda fizzled out when work picked up at the beginning of the month. I'm still taking pictures as often as I see something I think is worth shooting, but I haven't been doing the best of jobs when it comes to uploading it to the internet. That said, I've taken a lot of pictures that I really like in the last couple months and have learned a lot about how to get awesome shots out of my little point-and-shoot.

Tonight's plan is to pick up Meg in an hour or so and hit the gallery openings, followed by der eats. Perhaps it'll be enlightening or inspiring. Probably not, but at least the people watching should be good since it's a beautiful day out.

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