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Maybe if it was a Cake cover of Dancing Queen...

Presidential election season is upon us, for better or for worse. For me, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn ridiculously stupid information about those people who yearn to lead us. Today's worthless information? The candidates top ten favorite songs. Here's what I find interesting though: McCain willingly submitted TWO tracks from ABBA to Blender magazine as favorites. Maybe his handlers thought he could handle a simple task like providing ten songs to a magazine without inserting anything that might be embarrassing. Seriously, Dancing Queen? I thought Giuliani was the cross-dressing GOP candidate. If Obama had included ABBA tracks, you know that the right-wing pundits would have a field day with his terrible taste. Do you think anyone will insinuate some homo-erotic tendencies about McCain though? Doubtful. Even the Merle Haggard and Roy Orbison tracks can't save his list. It's almost like he submitted a karaoke favorites list and not his desert island top ten. Granted, Obama including that track from consisting of a collage of his speeches is a little self-congratulatory, but it isn't a bad song and I suppose one could construe it as Obama trying to ensure that he stays true to himself. Still, a little weird.

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