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It's complicated, but lately, what isn't?

Major life decisions are working themselves out in my brain. I've made mistakes, but everyone does. Should I stick to my current agenda, it's possible that I'll make a few more. Just because I'm comfortable doesn't mean I shouldn't make change. After all, why pass up potential happiness to continue living mediocrely? Life doesn't get better if you're too afraid to take that first step, or so I'm told. I suspect the problem actually stems from being afraid of steps two through twelve.

I've been hankering for karaoke lately, particularly some Violent Femmes (Kiss Off is on the mix disc I've been listening to lately in my car). It makes me feel dirty inside. I don't know if Guitar Hero is to blame for it or if my interest in Guitar Hero was to blame on my interest in karaoke.

Leon The Professional (a brand new 35mm print, no less) starts in a little more than an hour at The Screenland. Perhaps I should look into pants before I leave.

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