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I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking...

And on the seventh day, God plopped Himself down in front of a tree and took a nap. After all, creating a world in that short amount of time is pretty tiring. Unfortunately, a pack of wild dogs happened upon Him shortly thereafter and devoured the Lord. He learned from that lesson and has taken advantage of His omniscience ever since.

The new year has been so up and down over the last two weeks that I'm reluctant to reflect upon it, much less describe it in much detail. Drunken good times on the holiday with a good friend and her crew, alcohol fueled idiocy a few days later, an odd farewell "party", a painful closing down of a bridge with one of my closest friends so that I can attempt some sort of healing, the possible burning of another because I'm too old for schizo nonsense, dropped a reasonable amount of money on airline tickets for The City and a week of fun with a Kat, a job interview for a job I decided wasn't for me before it was even over, and an office full of people that tend to make me crazy more often than not. Other things mingled in there as well, but I've reached my incomplete sentence limit for the day. Besides, my eyes are focused on the future. A handful of schemes are in the planning stage that have me excited about the could-be's to come, enough so to keep my mind pointed in the right direction most of the time. Anyway, I've got things to do before the day is done and it's nearly noon already. Another post later, I'm sure.

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