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OMGZ!!! A post full of links? I thought those had finally died off!

That's some mighty fine police work there, determining that the man was white and was only wearing underwear. I hope they didn't run up any overtime with all of that investigating they were doing. Some of the folks who write beat stories about local crime ought to become the subject of their own stories, if you know what I mean.

So a dude can't get benefits for his boyfriend, but he can for his prize Yorkie? This is the wonderful world we occupy.

That dress was a terrible choice. The plunging neckline only draws more attention to his crazy thick giraffe neck and tiny head.

Dick Cheney was found to have an irregular heart beat. In that there was a beat at all in that oil slick chest of android parts? I've seen quite a few blogs and heard a number of other folks exclaim that they OBVIOUSLY hope he gets better, followed by snickering. I don't know what that's all about. Follow with snickering. Mmmm, snickers...

I feel the same way sometimes. Also, is it supposed to burn like that when I pee? Weird. Good thing it's winter time.

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