Sean (darksoul) wrote,

this will be a one time request, because i'm sure some of you are sick of hearing about it: go vote in the webbies. while i may not completely like the idea of LJ becoming the focus of national media (national media = attention here by many americans = more members who are probably AOHellers and the like who don't grasp the beauty of what LJ is, they only bitch when something like the directory doesn't work...), i want to see the site win an award and gain the recognition it deserves. vote for LiveJournal, address; the categories to vote for it in are Personal Site, Community, and Services. while the Community vote isn't likely to win us an award, we are currently in the lead in both the Personal Site category (ahead of Blogger by about 4%) and the Services category. if we win the services category, Brad and Insomnia already plan to share the award with PayPal (since they are core to how we gather money). see the following for more info: here, here, here

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