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Go on boy, admit, there's got to be something you love...

There are stories that I've written for myself, never intended to see the light of day. Books and pages put on a shelf, intended to collect dust. With the onslaught of the new year, I find myself wanting to pull those tales off the shelf, dust them off, and pick up the pen again. It's not that I have the endings worked out, but the best part of the story is the middle part anyway, right?

Work was awfully difficult to drag myself in for this morning. My week off was not nearly long enough, but great at the same time. I managed to spend some time with excellent people whom I see so very rarely during the course of the holiday. In addition, I enjoyed some quiet time to myself. No major gifts worth note were received (aside from the second half of BSG, Season 2, from Jen), but I was glad just to see family and friends. I think that might be a sign that I'm becoming a sap.

Other things ought to be said, but I feel like going home for a nap. Screw this place, I'm leaving. :)

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