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You're even in her book, you're number 37, have a look...

If you're looking to get me something spectacularly awesome for Christmas, it appears that a supremely rare Velvet Underground acetate is going back up for auction after the top bidder backed out of selling his soul for a piece of history.

Dear movie-going public,
If you find it offensive that Dimension Films is releasing a horror movie on Christmas Day, then don't give them money for their crappy movies. Beyond that, I don't want to hear your ridiculous whining about how it's an affront to the holiday and the spirit of the season. I especially don't want to hear anything about how it's an offense against Jesus since you stole Yule for your own holiday as a means to oppress those evil pagans so many centuries ago. Lighten up. You're probably offending someone with your whining just as much as you're offended by this movie.

These Wii-related accidents are getting out of control.

Seriously, buy me that acetate and I will be your slave. :)

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