Sean (darksoul) wrote,

ignore me, i'm just annoyed today

i hate it when people pick a fight with me and then afterwards try to tell me that it was just their attempt at expressing an opinion. when you express a negative opinion at me in a very angry way, you are not merely expressing your opinion. if you express a negative opinion at me in a logical fashion, taking note to be respectful and polite with your expression, then i don't view it as picking a fight. people don't pick fights with me, typically because i'm a friendly, easy-going kind of person and it would just be silly to fight with me. i'm also very stubborn and able to be very very bitter and by picking a fight with me, you get exposure to my anger and pent-up bitterness. i feel no remorse about unleashing either. i feel no regret about having done so. i don't do such unless it is deserved. anyone that has a problem with that needs to back off and keep their annoyance to themselves, including people from LJ, IRL, and otherwise. this is who i am. i think i'm perfectly allowed to defend myself against angry emails from people who don't bother to even think about what they are saying or reading or why they are angry. i think, i focus, i hone, i make sure that my anger is deserved and isn't just a hormonal burst causing me to act stupid.

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