Sean (darksoul) wrote,

wow, so i got hatemail today from an ex. i guess my mention of her character in my geeky gamer post touched a nerve. rather than flame her for bitching at me, i'm just going to point out that it's only a freaking game, no reason to go off on me for it. my rant was directed at people who don't know how to play a game properly and my annoyance with them in general. it was an expulsion of frustration that has built up over the years due to the time that i've had to endure about 65% of the people i've ever gamed with not knowing how to play properly (75% when it came to LARP)... were the post meant to be an attack on you, i'd have said "Leslie is freakin' stupid! who in the hell taught her dumb ass how to play, i'm going to kick them in the teeth for being so worthless." did i say that? did i even mention who, what, or where? no. am i annoyed that you decided to send me a long, poorly thought out email bitching me out without having the courage to just post it in my comments for everyone else to see? bah...

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