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1) I have trouble taking a management concepts business seriously anyway. They come in and teach you some 7 habits knock-off stuff while glossing over any real issues that an organization may be facing. I have more trouble taking them seriously when they have a dot biz domain name. I'm a snob.

2) Is it rude to snopes every bogus sounding message you read from people you know? Is it rude to send them links to snopes that denounce whatever dumb thing they just said? For years, I've made it a habit to debunk any stupid myth that comes my way. Yesterday it was something about how Swiffer mops use highly poisonous chemicals in their cleaners. Typically it's those stupid "FWD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOWS AND BILL GATE WILL GET YOU $472.31!!!" messages that people can't seem to stop sending. I wonder if people get mad that I don't trust their bogus messages or that I ruin their fun. I'm a jerk.

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