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murrrrr, zombie-mode day...

Any wild guesses as to who got woken up shortly before 5:30 am today due to crackheads? If your answer is the name of anyone that lives in my house other than my niece, then you're right! Apparently the police were already up the street at the neighbor's house with whom we've been having some issues off and on for several months. I don't recall if I've made any posts about them, but the short version of things is that we had an incident of some mail being stolen by a kid that was staying at the house, someone tapped into our phone line so they could get free phone service, and we've been plagued with cars jamming up traffic past their house because they park in the street on a one-lane road. Anyway, a car drove past the cops with two folks who were rubbernecking the scene as though they were heading to that house and didn't want to get busted. Because we're on a dead-end road, the only place they could go was to the end of the road and into my driveway. The cops were wrapping things up, so they decided to come down the hill and check out the folks that had just driven down to our house. It was shortly thereafter that I was awoken by my sister and told that the cops wanted to talk to me. Apparently the searched the driver and his female companion because they were acting overly suspicious in a vehicle that wasn't theirs and discovered the driver had crack on him. I was dragged into the affair because he tried to claim that my car belonged to a buddy of his and that they were just down there to visit his buddy. I went out, confirmed that I had no clue who they were, and we proceeded to sit on the front porch and watch the cops question and arrest the crackhead. Great way to start the day. I finally managed to get back to sleep shortly after 6, just long enough to sneak in a sleep cycle before having to get up for work.

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