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Last week was a long week, all part of an even longer month. Things at the office are quieting down finally. Today is an all day reports training on the new report system we're moving to. So far it's pretty much the same as any other reporting tool I've ever used. Unfortunately, I'm in the minority when it comes to finding this easy. Starfox may be getting played this afternoon to save my sanity. It'd help if the application was completely functional, but periodically it's freezing or giving us SQL errors. Fantastic way to spend my day!

Things have been quiet otherwise. Friday night was spent at home watching the second disc of the first season of House M.D. Saturday night I got dressed up fairly nice and went out for drinks with some folks. Sunday was spent lounging around at home being a bum.

The fall tv season starts next week, or at least MY fall season starts. Lost next wednesday, Battlestar Galactica next friday. I'm trying to catch up on the previous seasons of House before I get sucked into it. 24 doesn't pick up again until January and The 4400 doesn't start until summer of 2007. Stupid soul-swallowing box with it's interesting characters and storylines.

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