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so in my critical thinking class this morning, we had to watch a debate over nudity on television. "Blah" you say, thinking this had to have been a horrible things to watch. i have to say, i expected it to suck. but in watching, i realized that this only goes back further to an argument on our own society's cultural values, how we maintain an outdated morality that the 60's and 70's tried hard to reform. look at europe. most people over there don't find sex a taboo. nudity isn't a big deal to the europeans. why? because they've evolved culturally to the point that they realize the foolishness of these taboos. yet here in america, especially out here in "the bible belt", the midwest, sex is not to be discussed. it's to be hidden under a bed someplace, behind a locked door in a darkened room. and yet, last i remember, it's in the midwest that the most teen pregnancies occur, that the most sexual deviancy (outside of large cities like L.A., New York, etc.) occurs. we treat the human body like an object that must be hidden, that we must protect our children from. and because we do so, we create this curiosity about the human body and sex for our children. this curiosity can lead to problems in the teenage years which leaves us with a raise in sex crimes and sexual deviancy that we want to sweep under the bed with all the other things about sex. our own self-conciousness worsens things, making it even more difficult. add into the mess all of the right-wing christian and family groups (like the American Family Association, a bigot organization that is also against gays, wiccans, and disney and that breeds hatred against scape-goat groups) who push for us to be more and more like the Amish, but with guns and computers. ::shakes his head at the world:: i have a dream...think about's now 2001 and we're still no closer to what Martin Luther King called for us to do. I'm not talking about integration, but about acceptance. not only do most people not accept other racial groups, but now they don't even accept their own members. Hello out there humanity, america in particular...I'm bad mouthing your moral majority!

::grumbles at the world:: i think i'm going to move to europe, at least there they hate each other because of 1000's of years of history, not just because of their own self-centeredness. ::shakes his head::

~A pessimistic young man

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