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Life is most valuable when it's white and republican

Snowflake Kids are trotted out to meet the press
A thousand people a day dying at the hands of terrorists
Whether we recognize them as such or not
Corrupt men in expensive suits fight over potential lives
Ignoring those that are lost or destroyed every day by The Glorious Leader
Medicating ourselves with summer movie releases while His Glorious War goes on
Fretting over Blastocyst-Americans that'll be tossed into the trash
Corrupt men in expensive suits presenting popsicle children
Future Republicans
Confusing science and religion, embracing insanity for votes
Pray, little people
Pray that Jesus will come and take you all home
Pray that The Glorious Leader will protect you
Pray that your rich will get another tax break,
that you'll have the right to adopt a clean unborn child and not some dirty half-breed,
that you'll be able to ignore all the neglected children out there,
that the liberal media will quit showing you the dead and dying in the Middle East,
that The Glorious Leader will wiretap your phone to discover how Patriotic you are,
that Jesus will help you win the lotto so you don't have to take out a third mortgage.
Priorities people. It's all about priorities.
Tags: personal writing project, political ranting

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