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We are sailing on a broken ship

My iPod has died. The AppleCare on it was up 3 weeks ago, so Apple can't do anything for me. They gave me a business card for a third party service that might be able to fix it, but it costs $30 just to have them look at it to see what the problem is. On the one hand, if it's just a wire or something that's come loose, it'll be reasonably cheap. If the drive is toast, not so much. I'm going to take it in and have them look at it, but I may take the DIY route if it's something I think I can fix on my own.

Addendum: I've looked around a bit and not seen any real complaints about this ipodresq company that Apple suggested. Digging around on their site, I see that they'll upgrade the battery on my iPod for relatively cheap to a new battery with twice the life. I'm not finding much on there about what sort of hard drive repair they do, but I think I'll ask if they can upgrade it to a larger hard drive. If it's only slightly more expensive than doing it myself, I may just have them do it. I wouldn't mind having a 60 gb drive in my sexy third gen model. Click Wheel be damned, I less than three my extra four buttons.

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