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Life flashes before your eyes and all you can think is "Is that all there was?"

Such a strange day. I couldn't manage to get ahold of anyone to see if they were down at First Fridays, so I just wandered the art galleries on my own, my head snuggly tucked between a pair of headphones as I set about absorbing the Calexico album I bought awhile back. This month's showing surprised me as there were a lot of pieces that I actually liked as opposed to my usual loathing for most of the work showing. Going on my own was for the best. Occasionally I just need the comfort of disappearing into a crowd, swimming against the flow, nowhere to be and heading nowhere in particular. I snapped a handful of shots of downtown while I was out that I may put up tomorrow. Most of them came out pretty nicely. I'm a sucker for some of the scenery downtown.

After I tired of walking about, I went driving for a bit. Ended up talking to Jamie for awhile as I killed time wandering the town before Princess Bride. The movie was good, though the print that they had kind of sucked. C'est la vie.

Afterwards, I nearly died. The short version: I was driving home, stopped next to a car at a stop light. Another car came zooming up and rearended the car next to me. Then they proceeded to go the wrong way up an exit ramp while the victim and I pulled up and to the side of the road. We all got out and traded obligatory "you alright? you alright? i'm alright, are you alright?" pleasantries while I got behind my car and proceeded to call 911. As I started to dial, ANOTHER jerk came zooming up the road and nearly rammed me into my car. I dove out of the way, he swerved and narrowly avoided hitting my car. I called 911, a cop showed up as I was giving our location at the same time that the original idiot driver came back down the exit ramp. From there it was your stereotypical accident scene, filling out forms and crap, standing around waiting to be released.

Funny thing is, I shouldn't have been there. I'd needed to go to the bathroom when I left the theater, but decided I'd hit the gas station down the street so I could also get a bottle of water. Had I gone at the theater and not been thirsty, I'd have been 5 minutes further down the road. My cell phone battery beeped to warn me I had one bar left of power when I was talking to Jamie, so I let her go for fear that I'd need my phone. Alternately, I'd almost decided to get on the highway and go home that way which would've put me between the idiot and the car that got hit, but I changed my mind because I didn't feel like waiting behind the other car. Had I stuck with my original plan, my car would've been hit and probably totalled. Too much serendipity for my tastes.

And now I've been sitting here, at home, waiting for my adrenaline levels to drop enough that I can get to sleep. I'm supposed to be at work at 10ish. It's nearly 4 am. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. At least I can put my head between some speakers and escape for a bit since all we're doing is upgrading software tomorrow.

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