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The last couple of days, in brief...

Friday night was quiet.

Yesterday I drove by the gym, so how mad crazy it was and continued driving. The outting wasn't all a lost cause though, as I needed to hit the grocery store anyway. The afternoon ended up being spent watching Syriana and Broken Flowers (the latter being awesome, if for no other reason, because it referred to Dolemite), both quality films. Snuck in a couple loads of laundry while watching my flicks (that still need to be folded and hidden away). Last night was Chucky Lou night out at the Screenland. This month's fare was Supermanchu, an atrocious Korean kung fu movie badly dubbed using American voice actors. The standard cheese-tastic affair that the Chucky Lou gang usually come up with.

Today I slept in til noon, did some basic exercise at home, read for a couple hours, took Syriana back to Blockbuster, had a late lunch/early dinner at Applebee's, and now I'm here.

Uneventful, but that's not always bad. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy though from being in my house so much these last two days.

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