Sean (darksoul) wrote,

...I can't stand to be sober in this place...

This has been playing almost non-stop for the last week, either on my iPod or whatever computer I'm at or in my head. You can hear some of their work on their MySpace profile. If I were to compare them to anyone, I'd say they were a mix of The National and William Elliott Whitmore, with a hint of Nick Cave. Dark and moody and fitting to my mood and humor as of late.

My other indie music find recently is Immaculate Machine. I heard their song "No Such Thing As The Future" in my car on my way home from one of the 738 trips to Topeka I've had to make this last month and was sucked in by it's poppy cheerfulness. I picked up Ones And Zeros a few weeks back and am still absorbing it, but I like it.

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