Sean (darksoul) wrote,

they lie. football is not poetry in motion. driving is poetry in motion, traffic is poetry in motion. it is in a car that man becomes one with machine. while driving a car, you and the car are at one. weaving in and out of the lanes, staying at 5 under the speed limit in the far right lane, or punching it to 85 and zipping through traffic, all expressions of our inner personalities, our current attitudes, our emotive state at the time. it is the silent music of the world. sit one day and watch traffic move about along the highway. take note of how simplistic it is, with the occasional deviating driver weaving in and out of traffic like a bee in flowers. even in our technocracy, we still maintain our naturalistic tendencies, our animalistic qualities. the car becomes an extension of self; should injury befall your vehicle, injury will probably befall you. we feel every bump, every tread, every sinking feeling that the car experiences. every emotion we feel while driving is expressed through our driving. driving is merely one more form of expression in our world of vastly diminishing arts and philosophies.

Told you I'd have something prophetic sooner or later...i hope to expound more on this one later. :)


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