Sean (darksoul) wrote,

But I didn't know Jesus was so angry so much of the time...

This American Life discussed the idea of a godless America back in June. Our local NPR station aired a few excerpts from this episode over the weekend during their pledge drive. Halley, you may not want to listen to the bit from Julia Sweeney as she not only has something to say about the insanity of The Bible and Catholicism, but also Mormonism. For that matter, anyone who doesn't have a sense of humor about their Christian beliefs should just move along now so that your hatred of my love for chuckling about religion of all sorts doesn't increase exponentially. Aside from the bit from Julia Sweeney, the rest of the episode is just a look at the role of The Church in government and the rise of religious influence on society and politics in the last 25 years.

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