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Katherine Harris wants the world to believe that there’s a vast left-wing conspiracy to make her look like a skanky trailer trash republican from Florida. It reminds me of when all those girls in middle school who were just learning how to put on make-up and they thought they looked good with blue eye-shadow caked in a perfect 3-inch radius around their eyes. Personally, I think fixing the ballots in 2000 so that a significant number of blacks couldn’t vote made her look like a trailer trash republican, regardless of her make-up job. The eye-shadow just completed the image. Seriously though, as a member of Congress, doesn’t she have something more important to do/discuss than whether or not she looks good in the papers?

These debates over whether or not to teach creationism and/or intelligent design alongside evolution in science classes cause my brain to ache in horrible ways. Creationism and intelligent design have no basis in science, therefore why would you teach it along with something based on scientific evidence? I don’t particularly like the idea of browbeating kids with religion as it is because most of them aren’t able to understand the concepts behind any of it until well into their teenage years. Take your kids to church and teach them how to behave properly, but don’t fill their heads with ideas like the earth only being 6000 years old and that dinosaurs roamed the Earth with men and was Adam’s punishment for sinning. Let’s keep science in science class and religious study at church and in the home. Combining the two in a classroom setting (outside of parochial schools) is a recipe for disaster. I know I wouldn’t want to be the heathen kid heckling the kid who thought velociraptors were Jesus Horses.

Seriously Martha, can’t you just obey the law for a few months? I’m sure they probably caught her with her anklet down (or make up your own, more clever cliché). I live for the day when her face is no longer in the news.

And finally, one of my faaaaaaaaaavorite congressmen, Bill Frist. Did he hit his head while hanging a clock over his toilet and suddenly realize that his first duty to humanity is to be an ethical doctor, then do what’s right for the people as a congressman, and THEN be a shill to the evangelical nuts? My inner liberal trembles with fear at the idea that he’s suddenly doing an about face on stem cell research and is willing to stand against George and the Religious Right. I expect to see a Breaking News email in my box from CNN saying that he was replaced with a Bill Frist robot or Ted Kennedy in a thin-suit.

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