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I hate asking "What does it all mean?"

We put jokers like this into Congress? When you're an elected official of any sort, you need to learn how to hold your tongue. Suggesting that we could NUKE MECCA as a feasible retaliation attack on the radio qualifies as one of those "it'd be better to hold your tongue" moments. Sadly, I'm sure he'll be reelected.

"God was showing his strength." I'm not sure how to take that. Is that to say that he felt God was showing off to his family that He is mighty and can strike you down if He so desires? Or did he mean that God was showing him that he showed restraint by not killing all of the family? I hate it when people make vague and ambiguous statements where they attribute some event to God but aren't clear as to how they're attributing it to Him.

iTunes breaks 500 million downloads, however I've yet to see any press on the class action lawsuit regarding older models of the iPod. The only reason I know about it is I saw a small link to it at the bottom of Apple's webpage.
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