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The positive things are harder to say because they always come out sounding bittersweet...

It'll take some getting used to not having someone to keep me company in the mornings. Work is harder to concentrate on when you don't have something to occupy your mind. That leads into a rambling post that I'm still not sure I'm ready to make.

I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't have tossed The Decemberists up there in my Top Ten and dropped something 90's alt rockish. Damn my fickle music moods!

Why do people at the office insist on questioning my knowledge of basic internet concepts such as the formatting of an email address? Even after pointing out that I've been using the internet since the early 90's, they act as though I'm just a dumb kid who doesn't really know what he's talking about. God forbid I might actually be smarter than some random shmuck out there who claims their email address is a URL and has no @ in it. People are dumb.

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