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I caved in and called Heather for a sort of status check of things. I'd intended to just leave a message for her saying "Hey, sorry I dumped all that on you at once, but I'm not apologizing for what I said. Happy Belated Birthday, congratulations on graduation, hope the wedding goes well." She answered the phone though. I still said all of the above. Surprisingly, she apologized for being a bitch and said she was planning to say so in an email to me at some point. I told her I still wouldn't be going to her wedding. Apparently she was going to ask me to play the male equivalent of the maid of honor (man of honor?) for her in her wedding. I feel a tinge of guilt that she'd consider me such a good friend that she'd rather have me play that role in her wedding for her than one of her female friends. Doesn't change things, though. Anyway. It's not clear what happens now, but that's pretty much the story of my life.

Prior to that, I caved in and called Jamie. The burst of anger and frustration I had yesterday was what I needed to put things into a better perspective. We talked and we still have a lot of talking to do, but I think things will be ok between us. Anger and frustration and actually saying what needed to be said instead of putting a pleasant spin on it seems to be what we needed. We'll see what happens.

Anyone else feel the need to have a throwdown with me to resolve some issues? Now is probably the time. :P
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